The Pave of the Future

Ecoraster® is the perfect sustainable system of permeable pavers. It is effective in many different markets, from road construction to permeable parking and driveways. The grid works for grassed or gravel-filled surfaces and can be used in applications like agriculture and equine care for superior mud control. Made from recycled materials, Ecoraster reduces the impact of waste plastics, and its open design allows for beneficial natural processes.

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Key Features

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    Environmentally-neutral drainage

    Prevent issues with water management, with no impact on the surrounding soils.

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    Made from 100% recycled material

    Ecoraster puts discarded plastic bags to very good use.

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    Quick and easy to install

    This isn’t complicated. Follow a basic procedure for outstanding results.

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    Economic and sustainable

    Avoid many of the costs associated with traditional paving, including repair and replacement.

Ideal Applications

  • Green Parking

    Green Parking

  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming Pools

  • Permeable Driveway

    Permeable Driveway

  • Outdoor Warehouse

    Outdoor Warehouse

  • Horse Stalls

    Horse Stalls

E30/40/50: Extreme Versatility

This ingenious permeable paving system comes in 3 different weights and can be filled with grass or gravel. Use E30 for paths, walkways and livestock areas, E40 for heavy traffic walkways and car parking, and E50 for driveways and heavy equipment traffic. It’s also a perfect solution for erosion control. The finished areas will look great and provide exceptional drainage.

Bloxx: Paved Areas with Less Effort

The new Ecoraster Bloxx system allows quick ground reinforcement with modern paver design in a fully permeable manner. This system is perfect for parking, concrete replacement, accessible areas, driveways and paths. Look closely at the integrated drain: This innovative system prevents clogging and also eliminates the need to grout joints. Bloxx offers a fast, creative and flexible design.

Ecoraster at work

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