Say goodbye to mud, sludge and puddles.

Say hello to the most popular equine grid system in the world and the top solution for equine hoof health.

The Ecoraster Advantage


Riding Arenas and Rings

Ranked as the #1 free-draining base system for indoor and outdoor riding surfaces, the easy-to-install, low-maintenance Ecoraster provides a world-class surface for all riding disciplines.


Mud-Free Gates and Paddocks

Installing Ecoraster in high-traffic areas—gates, barn entrances and other problematic areas—eliminates the boot-sucking mud around your farm to make coming and going easier for livestock and farm equipment.


Feed, Watering and Wash Areas

Ecoraster keeps your horses clean and dry, prevents “pawing” holes and protects hay from sand and dirt to significantly lower the chance of contamination.


Rut-Free Walkers

Installed in high-traffic areas, Ecoraster safety-locking system prevents ruts and maintains even surfaces to help keep your horses and livestock safe and healthy in their everyday environment for years to come.



Grass sod, gravel or sand filled, Ecoraster eliminates soil compaction and improves water drainage to provide mud-free, stable footing in agriculture and equine environments.


Farm and Ranch

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Equipment sheds
  • Shop flooring
  • RV and overnight parking areas
  • Sloped, erosion-prone areas


Equine Footing

  • Round and lunge pens
  • Dressage, jumping and riding arenas
  • Paddocks
  • Horse walkers
  • Stalls
  • Alleyways
  • Tie stalls
  • Wash racks
  • Racetracks


Livestock Facilities

  • Pasture entryways
  • Dry lot paddocks
  • High-traffic areas like water tanks and feeding zones
  • Livestock runs
  • Show barns
  • Wash and tie racks
  • Sorting pens
  • Return alleys
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